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About Us

YALA began as an idea between friends Dr. Schwartz (Board Certified Dentist) and Daryl Weber. Recognizing the overabundance of unnatural and artificially-based tooth whitening products, they set out to create a healthy, natural alternative.

Both Schwartz and Weber's families (Gujarati and Sri Lankan, respectively) raised them with a mix of customs, blending ancient Ayurvedic medicine with Western approaches. Among these traditions was the ancient practice of coconut oil pulling, long known to promote oral health. Aaron and Daryl teamed up to create a new type of mouthwash rooted in this practice, free of additives and artificial ingredients. After more than 2 years of experimentation with formulations, ingredients, and packaging, YALA was born. Named after the Hindi word for coconut, naariyal, YALA sits at the nexus of traditional Eastern medicine and established modern dental practices.        

Our mission is to promote a more vibrant smile and improve well-being through cleaner, whiter teeth. For each tube we sell, YALA donates a portion of the proceeds to Healthy Smiles Healthy Children, a community-based, dentist-led program providing dental care for children from low-income families.